A journey that would always be cherished.. Every moment in this journey was deeply felt and experienced.. A time when it was only living in the present.. No thoughts of the past or the future did occur and the odd moments that they did, they were gently pushed aside while I told myself, “This is not the time to brood over anything. This is the moment to experience the present. Just enjoy this experience.” Experiencing a journey in the ‘Tri’land – England, Ireland and Scotland.

The 14-day journey was filled with many a memorable moment – experimenting with different cuisines and finding Vietnamese cuisine a delight to taste.. walking for miles together and stopping for that much needed plain hot chocolate, with no cream and no marshmallows added.. seeing with wide eyes the blue skies and the white and grey clouds, that look like cotton wool which the hand can just stretch and pull down.. stepping ahead only to stop in the tracks as a beautifully structure coming to view.. the lush greenery that seems to go on and on.. the sun that creates its own charm bringing in that beautiful orange in the sky.. the beautiful swan that just lifted its wings as though to greet.. and this list could go on and on..

If every memorable moment were to be blogged upon, this could very well become many a blog. Some experiences were just experienced with no thinking involved and this gave immense energy.. Some experiences in this journey set my thinking wheels on and that gave the much needed recharge and was refreshing indeed!!

Now that the context has been set, the experiences that set my thinking wheels on will be elaborated in the next two to three blog posts.. Happy reading!!