An episode in the series ‘Cosmos’ that explains physics in motion, is the trigger for this blogpost.

When an object due to the velocity with which it is released goes down, and resisting the force of gravity that acts against it comes up a spherical surface without falling down, one wonders how!!

When a rocket is launched by burning fuel, it thrusts the rocket upwards.This fuel gives the rocket the momentum to resist the force of gravity, and travel upwards and (hopefully :-)) reach the destination needed.

As I watched the episode with both of the above mentioned events being shown, more so the launch of the rocket, I could not but make my own analogy. and analysis.

Rocket = An individual

Burning fuel = Fire in the belly

Force of gravity = Resistance we face from ourselves and from the environment (which includes people around)

Destination that the object / rocket is journeying towards – Our aspiration

Each one of us is so unique. The more I interact with people and myself, the more I understand that each one of us have an aspiration for ourselves. This aspiration that is breathing in every cell of ours. We maybe conscious of it or we may not be. We may be able to articulate it or we may not. Though if we are more alert, we would also be able to recognize this aspiration that reflects itself in our every action. An aspiration that could be what we want to achieve in life, for ourselves.

Is it the fire in our belly that keeps firing us to journey towards meeting our aspiration?

Or is it our aspiration that keeps stoking the fire in our belly to glow inside?

Does the fire in the belly and our aspiration go hand in hand?

What happens when there is an aspiration but inadequate fire in the belly to journey with the required speed, towards it?

What happens when there is a fire in the belly but the aspiration keeps changing, based on the situations that unfolds in our life? Does it really change or we think it changes but it remains the same but as though changing?

As we journey towards our aspirations, we weather many a resistance, both from ourselves and others. Just like the sensors in the rocket sends signals to the control room when something goes wrong within it, we also get signals within ourselves when we are encountering a challenge. Unlike the rocket which is dependent on someone else to rectify the problem it is facing, we need to work by ourselves on the challenge that we are facing, be it from our own physical and mental limitations or those from the environment. Quite like the rocket that needs to keep staying in space despite the attractive pull of Earth’s gravity, we as individuals need to ensure that the fire stoked is attractive and burning strong enough to weather any resistance or storm that we encounter, in our journey towards our aspiration. It is easy to get pulled down, but to hold ourselves strong against any resistance is the challenge 🙂

It has always been a mystery to me on how one knows what one’s aspiration is. As I penned this blogpost it occurred to me that many a time, a situation that pans out in our lives is what waters the seed of the aspiration.

So the seed is already within us which we are unconscious of, and the situation is a trigger to water the seed?

Does this mean that we have met our aspiration in its seed form, and it is watered. by the fire in our belly?

And that’s when we wake up to see it actually growing slowly and beautifully into a blossoming tree – blossoms of myriad shades of a colour, swaying in the wind but holding itself tightly to the branches and then letting go of itself only to give place for other blossoms to take their place?

Interesting visualisation this gives!!! Makes me want to go silent and travel deep into myself to understand the way my life has panned out 🙂

As I go silent, the analogy however remains in vision – fire (in the belly) that launches the rocket called the individual, the individual journeying towards their aspiration and finally the aspiration as a colourfully blossoming tree.

Life certainly is a miracle!!