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The indelible touch..

As Suraksha sits in the swing which has become her most comfortable place at her home, her eyes go to her daughter who has completed 14 and has just had her first menstrual cycle. No fan fare but just a more »

A square peg in a round hole – Part 6

There was a spring in my step as I walked into school. I was beaming with a smile that I know, stretched from ear to ear. I could hear the noise of the many children around me but I felt more »

A square peg in a round hole – Part 5

The breakfast gong sounded as I was walking to the dining room, to have my breakfast. I glided into the room with one BIG smile, waiting to quickly eat my breakfast and leave. I was becoming better at the habit more »

I believe..

It was an interesting conversation with a good friend of mine that set the foundation for this blog post. He has a firm of his own and doing well in the area he specializes in… Something made me ask him, more »

A square peg in a round hole – Part 4

It was well after ten by the time my grand father and I came back from the monastery. Everyone had retired to their respective rooms and I was able to go straight to my room without looking at anyone and more »

How differently can I lead your life?

“If I were you, I would have done it differently.. You should know how to manage the situation.. I can talk to your people at home, if needed..“ We may call these suggestions, words of advice, though sometimes certainly unsolicited.. more »

A square peg in a round hole – Part 3

Munching my snacks or rather my plan on how to go to the tree and to the monastery, I did not realise that it was dinner time.. The loud dinner gong that makes its sound felt through out my really more »

Some missing jigsaw pieces..

The trigger for this blogpost was a discussion that happened in a whats app group, thanks to this comic strip.. Some of us said that they are still facing this challenge and some said that they are over it and more »

A square peg in a round hole – Part 2

I walked into my house to see a few pairs of eyes on me. Each pair had a different expression.. One that showed anger, another that awaited to see what will happen next, one more that showed a disapproval and more »

A square peg in a round hole..

As I sit in the middle of my class, I have this feeling that I don’t fit here.. I know all these people in my class and yet I feel that I don’t know them. Are they really my friends? more »

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