MAnvi – A few years older now, a little more experienced in life, little more wiser, little more mature, many more questions always within her and lot more fonder of her thAthA. Her questions arose within her in many a situation. When they did, she would pace up and down, she would talk to herself or she would go quiet chewing the cud. Her questions were more deeper as she would try to seek answers within herself first before it reaches her thAthA. If she asks questions to her thAthA, it means that she has not been able to find answers within herself.

MAnvi’s thAthA – He was also a few years older, naturally so :-). He read more, discussed with other learned people more and contemplated much much more. While he continued to wait for MAnvi to reach out to him when she wanted to learn, he also called out to her when he thought she was ready for a learning. He would wait for the dialogues between them, as much as she did, because he knew that both of them loved the dialogue time that they had with each other.

Most times, it was MAnvi who would talk more. It would be on her sharing of what she observed, what she read, what she listened to,  and connect it to various aspects of life. MAnvi’s thAthA would listen more, ask questions and share his perspectives with her, when he thought they were needed.

MAnvi found more pleasure in observing people than in engaging in conversations, as she learnt quite a bit from that. This would make her come back to share with her thAthA, on what she learnt. The dialogues between MAnvi and her thAthA, would be on a certain topic on just one day  or they will go on for weeks at a stretch. For MAnvi, on one hand, her questions to her thAthA and his answers to them will set her thinking. On the other hand, her thAthA’s questions and thoughts will raise their own questions in MAnvi. Whichever way it was, MAnvi could be found many times engrossed in her own thoughts; and this would happen even when she was in the midst of a huge crowd and the cacophony around.

Presenting ‘The Dialogues between MAnvi and her thAthA’, as the blogs written hereinafter. Each blog will also carry the name of the topic of their Dialogue.

Wishing each of you readers of the blogposts of ‘The Dialogues between MAnvi and her thAthA’ a happy reading.