As I was reading up and writing my blog series on the topic of prayer, I came across the word – moment. For some reason rather unknown to me, this word got me piqued. So I thought and thought and thought on this word..

What did the thinking result in? As a first step, making sentences with it to understand why and when this word is used.

– Just a moment..

– Will be back in a moment..

– Everything happened in a moment..

– It was a decision taken at that moment..

– What a proud moment!!

As I mulled over these sentences and the context the word was used in I realised, that to me the word ‘moment’ also meant ‘second’ (as in a unit of time). Except for the sentence ‘What a proud moment!!’ in all the others, the word moment could be substituted by the word ‘second’. Can you imagine any of us saying ‘What a proud second!!? Nah!! Me and my fascination for English language, will make me form sentences and do the rest, that you need to read on to find out.

All this mulling over gave rise to two questions. Wait, wait!! One question at a time..

What is the meaning of the word ‘moment’? This was the first question..

I reached out to the first thing that many of us reach out to, to find the meaning of a word – google. I found different meanings for the word – a brief period of time, an exact point in time, an instant, split second, to name a few.

Synonyms of the word ‘moment’ were also listed. Among the synonyms listed were ‘second’ and ‘minute’. My thinking hat and my questioning mind were now at their active best!! Aren’t a ‘second’ and a ‘minute’ different, in terms of time? Just a second and just a minute aren’t the same. The latter is 60 times the former.

This got me more curiouser and I went googling some more. I stumbled upon a site that said that one ‘moment’ is 90 seconds. (

So technically and scientifically, these words are not the same and yet we are using them interchangeably at times?

Does that mean that we use the words interchangeably, without really meaning what we say??’ This was the second question..

I know I use the words ‘second’ and ‘minute’ and ‘moment’, interchangeably and without much thought.

There are those times when we may know the meanings of words but still remain unaffected but some trigger and some situation will suddenly throw a deeper light on the meaning; and this would change the way we look at the word, the meaning and how life suddenly seems.

The knowledge of the technical and the scientific explanation of the word ‘moment’, seemed to make it seem lengthier than the 90 seconds. As I wondered what all can be done in one moment, I could not but want to start the stop watch to check 🙂

The next time, before I use the word ‘moment’ I perhaps would think for a moment and then use it 🙂 or should I say “How does knowing all this technical and scientific details matter? It is just a matter of a few seconds. Preferable to keep life simple :-)”

There are those times when we relive moments which are unpleasant,  making those moments everlasting.  This results in us just not being able to neither live in the present nor  to look forward to the future.

Ah!!  On the other hand, the phrase ‘live in the moment’ lends so much of meaning to itself, because we have 90 seconds to live cherishing it; and this makes the 90 seconds seem lengthier than what it is :-). Interesting indeed!!!