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A journey in the ‘Tri’land – Dignity in labour

Many times, the way we look at situations could be how we see it; the reality maybe quite different or perhaps the same as we see it. In situations where our perspective does not harm anyone and remains just for… Continue reading →

A journey in the ‘Tri’land – Game, set and match..

When a friend asked if visiting Wimbledon was a part of the itinerary in our England leg of the journey, a light glowed in my mind immediately. I don’t recall sharing my love for Tennis with anyone and perhaps my… Continue reading →

A journey in the ‘Tri’land – time to celebrate..

This journey in the ‘Tri’land had one main purpose, which was perhaps the key driver – to attend the Master’s graduation ceremony of the older boy of the household, at Limerick, Ireland. To me, this was a moment of celebration…. Continue reading →

A journey in the ‘Tri’land..

A journey that would always be cherished.. Every moment in this journey was deeply felt and experienced.. A time when it was only living in the present.. No thoughts of the past or the future did occur and the odd… Continue reading →

A Teetotaller’s experience

Some things in life just fascinate you and for no known reasons. Ever since I started reading fiction in my teenage days, this topic has made me curioser and curioser – Alcohol.. Never have I had a wee bit of… Continue reading →

Parenting – a process..

Parenting – a topic that has always triggered a curiosity in me.. Whatever knowledge I gained through observations, by reading books or listening to others’ advice, tips and feedback set a ground, but when I had to apply it I… Continue reading →

A wait for the visa..

I started writing this blog sitting on the pavement outside the US Consulate in Chennai but the sight of the happenings around was so interesting, that I kept the writing for later. This blog has nothing to do with the… Continue reading →

Alzheimer’s? What’s that?

It is amazing how one theatre play can change how you look at situations and contexts.. When an unexpected opportunity came my way to watch a play titled ‘The Father’ that had Naseeruddin Shah as the protagonist, I took it… Continue reading →

Journeying in vEdAnta and PhD..

Around the time when I intensified my journey as a student of vedAnta (scriptures at the end of the vEdAs which is the religious text of the Hindus) is also when I also began my journey as a PhD student…. Continue reading →

MAnvi, her thAthA and their Dialogues – Freedom in Relationship – Balance between Limitations and Accomplishments.. The final part of this series..

This dialogue is neither a figment of imagination nor a real one; and the same applies to the characters as well. The character MAnvi is one I see myself in, though at times different. Her thAthA is one who seems… Continue reading →

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